‘Entourage’ Movie Plans Reportedly Stuck Due To Piven’s Demands

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EntourageRemember when Mark Wahlberg revealed plans of taking the Entourage gang to Hollywood were hindered by the “guys” being “greedy”? Of course you do, since it’s apparently 2005 again and Entourage is in the news day in and day out.

But guess what, the “greediness” is reportedly caused by Jeremy Piven already signing a contract for the stuck-in-production-hell film, with the rest of the cast discontent about being offered less dough than “Ari Gold”. Oh, yeah? You don’t say?

Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing Kristen Bell is being more handsomely compensated for the “Veronica Mars” movie than Tina Majorino, Jim Parsons is getting fatter checks than Kunal Nayyar for The Big Bang Theory and Mark Wahlberg earned more than Tony Shalhoub for “Pain & Gain”.

Oh, wait, that all happened, happens or will happen? Where’s the justice in this cruel, cruel world?!?

Now, all irony aside and assuming the most serious stance one can assume in regards to an Entourage movie, get a grip on reality, Grenier, Connolly, K Dillon, Ferrara. I mean, for crying out loud, I had to Google your names just now, despite being a loyal Entourage viewer for seven frigging seasons (not the eight though, that was crap).

And if you think for one second the HBO show wouldn’t have been the same (as in absolutely identical) without you guys, then you must be higher than Turtle on any given weekday. Piven, on the other hand, despite often getting far less screen time than you frauds, was the show-stealer from the beginning to the end, nabbing six back-to-back Golden Globe noms for his role, including one trophy.

By the by, here’s a wild idea for Marky Mark. Why not forget all about bringing Entourage to the big screen, sack those losers, keep Piven, pay him whatever he wants and do an Ari Gold film? Now that I would want to see!

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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