Super Bowl Champ Warren Sapp Has A Courtoom Show

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Judge Sapp

If you have a legal dispute, don’t take the law into your hands. Take them to court on a YouTube show presided over by a former NFL defensive tackle who is not a judge. NOC, a YouTube channel about the lives and personalities of athletes, is the home of Judge Sapp.

The unconventional court show features a DJ offering up witty comments instead of a bailiff. Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito fills that role. There’s also a legal advisor on hand. That’s probably to prevent Sapp from making a ruling so dumb it yields a lawsuit in a real courtroom. You know, the kind without music. Winners in this courtroom can spin the “Wheel of Justice” which contains cash prizes and gag gifts such as a VCR or Sapp’s toenail clippers.

You may be wondering why former NFL great Warren Sapp would subject himself to this. He recently had a commentating gig with NFL Network. During his tenure there he said former New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey was the “snitch” in the team’s bounty scandal.  He wouldn’t reveal his sources, but vouched for their legitimacy. It reopened the debate about whether pro athletes, few of whom have any journalism training, can function as objective reporters.

Sapp also filed for bankruptcy in 2012, exposing his sordid financial details to the world. In his bankruptcy filing Sapp said he had lost his national championship and Super Bowl rings.


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