Ken Jeong Hosts ‘SportsCenter,’ Ratings Soar

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jeongKen Jeong used to be a doctor, then he became a comedian and actor. Last Friday night, he added another disparate profession to his resume: Jeong anchored an episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The episode of the flagship sports news show began with a version of the show’s long-running “This is SportsCenter” ads, which have long held up the pretense that uniformed professional athletes frequent the SportsCenter offices. But this one- much like Jeong’s famous entrance in “The Hangover“-included some surprising male nudity (safe for work):


And here’s some of the best of the show itself, on which Jeong demonstrated more than a working knowledge of sports topics:

SportsCenter doesn’t often feature celebrity guest anchors, but Jeong’s turn in the chair seemed well-received on social media. And not only that, but ratings were up significantly from the previous Friday:

Of course, some of that may have had to do with that night’s SportsCenter leading into one of the first NBA games of the season, when the previous week’s had not.

Still, if Ken Jeong’s presence could bring that kind of ratings spike, maybe Community wouldn’t have spent the last five years on the cancellation bubble.








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