Dish Network Pulls G4 From its Programming Lineup

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g4-logo-300x162Who would have thought pulling all the original programming from a network might lead to declining viewer interest? Dish Network removed G4 from its channel offerings Nov. 1, giving this message:

“As of November 1, 2013, the G4 channel is no longer available on Dish Network.  DISH is constantly evaluating the content we carry and working to provide top programming at the best value. As a result of this evaluation, G4 was removed from our lineup. Customers can find programming similar to that on G4 on other networks, such as SPIKE Television and truTV.   Additionally, G4 Video On Demand content continues to be available on customer’s set-top boxes.”

G4 owner NBCUniversal has struggled to figure out what to do with the network for years now. It was going to replace G4 with the Esquire Network, and cancelled popular programs X-Play and Attack of the Show

Then it decided to replace Style Network instead, but hasn’t made any effort to come up with new programming for G4. The channel’s current offerings consist of old movies and reruns. It’s easy to see why Dish opted out. Other cable providers will probably follow suit as their contracts expire.

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  • Henry Harris

    I am an adult male that relied on G4 for excellent coverage of the very popular video game market. Unlike published statement by Dish, there is now no substitute in this category available on Dish, a fact I find inexplicable given its popularity. I would hope DISH would cater to the very large video game market with the original G4 or something equivalent. Personally I was very impressed with the original G4 and would hope for its return.

  • Brian Allen

    Unfortunately Henry, NBCUniversal abandoned that plan a long time ago.

  • Alex

    I wonder if they’ll bring it back next year when it almost certainly returns as the WWE Network.