‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finally Explains That Homeless Woman

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Sons of Anarchy's mysterious homeless woman

Sons of Anarchy’s mysterious homeless woman

(Note: This post contains spoilers for all episodes of Sons of Anarchy to date.) 

For a series currently in its sixth season, Sons of Anarchy has never quite been about payoffs to long-developed arcs. More often, especially this season, the series has been about sudden shocks, often of the super-violent variety. Take Tuesday night’s episode, in which the imprisoned Clay (Ron Perlman) interrupted a jailhouse chapel session in order to deliver a long, vulgar monologue about “pussy” before biting off a prison guard’s nose and spitting it out.

But this week’s episode finally delivered a payoff to something the series has been building up for years. I’m talking about that unnamed homeless woman who has existed on the fringes of the series for its entire run. Never named, and never having any dialogue, the woman has appeared a couple of times each season, usually at crucial times for the show’s main characters. She’s appeared a couple of dozen times, according to SAMCROpedia, and is played by actress Olivia Burnette, who as a child actress appeared on the old NBC sitcom The Torkelsons.

The homeless woman is usually in the hometown of Charming, but did show up once when the characters visited Belfast in the third season. Creator Kurt Sutter has implied in interviews at various times that the woman is either a guardian angel or “Jesus Christ.”

On Tuesday’s episode- awhile after the jailhouse nose-biting- we finally got some background. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) goes to visit a man who, it turns out, had a wife who was killed in the same car accident, years before the event of the series, that killed Jax’s father. Jax sees a wedding picture of the late wife and comments that she “looks familiar”- and yep, she’s the homeless woman. Who, it appears, is a ghost.

As usual, the series has about twice as many plots to wrap up in its last four episodes of the season as a normal show would, although I suppose FX’s willingness to allow Sutter to make ‘Sons’ a 90-minute show every other week makes it easier. However, how a series that has never before included supernatural elements will explain the presence of a ghost may be harder to figure out.

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  • Roxanne

    Kurt Sutter always has me at the edge of my seat with SOA. Been a fan since the beginning. It will be sad when we have to say goodbye to our characters of Charming.
    Kurt is a mad scientist concocting his story lines for us crazy fans, I mean that in a good way all. Thanks for making me a diehard SOA.

  • Melissa

    The torklesons!!!! I knew I’d seen her somewhere before!! But she has had dialogue!!! Soooo I think you should probably re watch or re google that :)

  • luke

    Kurt has said before that one of the shows inspirations is the story of hamlet. in hamlet there are ghosts such as hamlets father who appears to him at distressing times. this could be the inspiration for the homeless woman’s existence in the show, i hope they never explain it as the mystery is what is most appealing.

  • chaq686

    But Emma gave her 10 bucks and Jax his sweeter. And Jax had a blanket at the cementary.

    I know what she is. She is the anarchy made flesh 😛

  • Anni

    I can’t get enough of SOA, bought the seasons, waiting on 6, too bad 7 will be the last one. It does have a lot of twists and turns. It be nice of John Teller suddenly appeared after spending years in hiding, fearing for his life. that would be a hell of twist

  • paddy

    The homeless woman is my topic of interest because it has been an on going sub-plot. She has a very serious moment with gemma when she mentions abels name nonchalantly out side of a store front during the kidnapping of Abel crisis and then a few more times when jax is at the cemetery writing in his pamflet,he is hungover and she tells him where a source of fresh water is. She has quite a few appearances actually and in the last episode of season 6 when juice is discarding the murder weapons of Tara,she walks by just as he is done. My heart sunk when I saw the photo of “her”? In the supposed widowed husbands house because I even recognized her just as jax did and I said “thats the homeless lady!” But if this IS her, why is she not actually dead? Howcome no one has seen or heard from her since the incident? As a part of a greater picture what purpose does this woman have in the plot of SOA? And if she is a supernatural character as some people suggest what does she know? I bet she has a real time story of what actually went down on the road that day when JT was killed and in the 7thseason (crosses fingers) she reveals her secret to him,because lets be honest… A character like this lingering around in ALL of the seasons with at least one appearance showing herself when jax or gemma is going through an emotional time definitely has a major part to play. It just isn’t her time to wow us yet.

  • henna

    I always thought she might be Death, the Reaper incarnate, lingering on the sidelines.

  • Lauren. P

    I always thought she was more of a death omen type thing, because she was always turning up at points when something was changing, like at Donna’s Funeral, and getting Gemma to give her money, and then in Bellfast too, and through out the other seasons. Then when we finally find out she was also tied into it with JT’s crash, it’s probably more, him projecting through her, as more of a guardian angel, keeping an eye on Jax, and showing when something big was going to happen, looking out for Jax in a way, like when she told him their was water at Donna’s and she gave him her blanket (which he probably found after loosing his hoodie)

    It was a really good twist, and I liked it, see how it rounded out in Season 6 was one of the most shocking reveals in the reason so far.

  • Troy

    This article is incorrect in stating the homeless woman never has any dialogue. She has a conversation with Gemma in her first appearance and speaks to Jax in the cemetery for example. As for who she represents, I think she is Jax’s real mother…. in spirit form, of course. I have a hunch that she may have been one of JT’s “other” women and at the time of the accident that killed her had just given birth to Jax, who may have been in her vehicle with her at the time of the accident. Gemma was also present, and either took the baby or adopted him soon after (I’m leaning more towards her stealing the baby from the scene of the accident). Remember the letters she removed from the folder before giving them to Tara? The letters probably reveal that the homeless woman was actually Jax’s mother…

    • Patrick

      That is a very interesting thought , I never even thought about her being a person who was actually in jax’s life , I always leaned toward her being a guardian angel or something of the sort, but seeing as how we are watching the Final season, our answer should soon be revealed, or it may not be, it might forever remain a weird mystery , I hope he writes a more detailed story and a previous generation story (JT as president and all the stuff they did leading up to the TV show) in a series of books. That would be great

    • Cinderella10383

      The homeless woman is an angel who JT ran into the night of his accident. Jax talks to Gary about his daughter’s aggressive behavior, he sees a wedding photo of Emily with Gary. When Gary asks Jax why he’s curious about it, he states that “She looks familiar”. Gary then says that he has also often seen her. He also tells Jax that he has had other people come to him saying that they have seen her too. (“John 8:32″)

  • Terri

    This article is lame! She has had dialogue with Jax and Gemma! With Jax in the cemetery and with Gemma outside a grocery store!

  • Jones

    In my opinion the homeless lady is a real person, she interacts with Gemma in a scene early in the series. At the end of Season 6 episode 9 she is seen in an alley rummaging through a dumpster. The scene is wildly out of place. While this is before Gemma’s murder of Tara I am wondering if this isn’t a foreshadowing of Gemma’s downfall for that horrific act. Remember, Juice disposes of the evidence of Tara’s death in a dumpster.

    I am probably of course wrong, but it is fun positing.

  • raq

    If not- they might explain her when they do the prequel to SOA, which is going to be set in JT’s time

  • Nicky

    I would have to agree with you..maybe she did steal jax!?!

  • dan davids

    you people are stupid
    the show was cancelled


    • Deanne

      The show was not cancelled…Sutter did the best thing he could…end it while they are still on top…end a show when the ratings are still at the top….he didn’t let the show run into the ground like so many others do….cancelled..what news are you following..

  • Stephanie

    You, dan davids are the one who’s lame….the show wasn’t cancelled, by far it was Sutter’s decision to end it with the 7th season, to go out on top. Learn ur facts

  • http://Facebook Larry Nunn Sr

    I would enjoy watching the 90 minute episodes, bring it on, Y’all, wish I could get a small part to play if I could get a chance, I’m a big fan of the S.O.A.

  • Frankie

    The whole theory of Gemma stealing Jax as a baby is ludicrous, as he had a twin brother who died during labor.

    • you_will_never_get_out_alive

      No he didn’t. His brother that died was younger than he was and died of some heart disease.

  • bre

    My husband said the same thing

  • melissa

    I thought the same it was so stupid but in season 7 episode 12 she tells the truck driver she had no children maybe it’s be cuz she didn’t want to go into detail or is it be cuz she’s really not his mother makes u wonder

  • Barbara

    I think the letters that she removed were the ones that referred to her participation in JT’s murder or accident. Tara read all the letters – if Jax wasn’t Gemma’s son, trust me — she would have told him!

  • Bobby

    She just showed up again at the truck stop, just before Jax shot Wayne and his mom. When you look back at when she appears, it seems to be when, either before or after, there’s some sort of deep personal tragedy for one of the main characters…I think she represents death.

  • Jessica Karri

    does anyone really know he had a twin who died at birth? Have we ever seen evidence like a birth certificate of both boys side by side to compare dates ect? I think Gemma had a baby who died at birth, JT got the married homeless lady prego, JT & Gemmas baby died. JT & Gemma, well probably just Gemma decided to “kidknap” Jax which caused a high speed chase between the 3. 2 died, now it’s Jax birth mom watching over him, the club and Gemma.

    • adb


    • Cinderella10383

      Thomas was Gemma and JT’s second son who died as a baby from the same heart condition Gemma and Abel have. He was not Jax’s twin and Jax’s 2nd son (with Tara) is named Thomas after his uncle.

  • Mo D

    Love it. Or, if the homeless lady is Brooke’s Mom (now the ghost of) and JT was her lover, then Brooke would be his half sister. Notice how Brooke is involved in these final episodes. Wendy mentions to her, “No, I’ll pick up the kids.” Why is she around right now, in these crucial final episodes?
    Homeless woman also said to Gemma once, “Abel will take care of our boys.”

    btw, Gemma mentioned the birth certificates are in the storage locker…

  • Hazy

    Yes I remember Gemma giving her money outside a convenient store, she said sonethibg about needing it for her baby. Does that sound familiar seems so long ago.

  • Taylor

    He had a younger brother that died at birth, not a twin, his name was thomas and thats the reason jax named his 2nd son thomas.

    As for the homeless woman, with one episode left, i highly doubt she would be revealed to be Jax’s birth mother. That doesnt make much sense to me, it’s more realistic for her to be either, a guardian angel/jesus christ, or the reaper/death. Maybe even the ghost of john teller, or maybe we’ll never know.

  • Amy

    What twin??? Jax had a brother called Thomas who died when he was 6 from a heart condition…

  • Lori Levy

    Before Gemma got the bullet, she told Jax where his & his brothers birth certificates were. So I guess that answers that.
    The homeless woman, who knows what she represents. Guess we’ll see on the final episode or maybe not.

  • http://None Barry

    I think she is a grim reaper devil type person. Always showing up just before a character either dies or something very bad will happen to them

    • Rick

      I think you have it right Barry. I just watched the finale for the second time and she always seemed to appear at critical moments. The tip off was the blanket that she gave to Jax as he looked like the grim reaper sitting on the steps waiting for Marks.

      • secret

        I think you’s are right. That’s what I thought when I seen the crows at the end when jax got hit eating the bread or cake or whatever she had at the courthouse.

        • me

          I thought the crow flying was Jax’s dad waiting to meet him after death.

  • anonymous

    Well said buddy


    ya, but JT was in belfast having an affair with Maureen Ashby when Jax’s brother died. so I can’t see how that would have happen. JT would have had a baby with Maureen Ashby, the homeless women and Jemma all around the same time frame. Jax also has a half sister in belfast.

  • Joe

    I am very intrigued about the identity of the homeless woman. However I highly doubt she is Jax’s mother. Gemma was Jax’s mother. He was 13 when JT died not an infant, and he had a younger brother Thomas, not a twin. Also Gemma had a heart condition, Thomas his younger brother died of said heart condition right before JT passed, and Abel has the same heart condition, all passed down from Gemma. I do really hope we get some sort of explanation of the homeless woman in the last episode, but I have a feeling Sutter is going to leave us hanging on that one. I know it was mentioned she is the ghost of Brooke’s mom, but that just doesn’t add up enough. She has to at least be still alive and know something of significance.

  • jax

    Actually he didn’t have a twin who died at birth.

  • jax

    He had a brother but not a twin and he didn’t die at birth. He died young from heart problems. Same thing Gemma has.

  • Teresa Lawson

    Don’t remember what season but when Gemma was going into a church at the same time as the homeless girl Gem asked her, “Who are you?” The girl.answered “You know who I am.”, and smiled.

    • Kitty

      Because Gemma had helped kill JT

    • Kelly Newsom

      No, Gemma said, “Do I know you” and the woman replys, ” Everybody knows me”

  • Josh

    the fact that Gemma specifically referenced the birth certificates makes me wonder. There just might be some validity to the theory that Gemma is not his mother

  • brenda sedgwick

    The article said that she didn’t have any dialog. Wrong, she did is several scenes. Once outside a store with Gemma and once in the graveyard with Jax. Those two are just off the top of my head. Maybe more, if I re-watch the show. Get your facts right.

  • Jill

    Jax and Thomas were not twins

  • marilyn george

    Why not leave her as a regular bag woman.

  • Sharron

    Perhaps it is JT sort of reincarnated…..she seems to be around when heavy club business is about to go down…

  • Anna

    Okay yes. Clay was hiding birth certs & marrage certs. That is a VERY good point Bobby. I betcha she is Jax real mom. Then it will make sense in Our Kurt Sutters mind of who she us. Def has domething to do with JT death. And never have i heard about Jax having a twin bro!! Guess we will see on Tues. Just hope Sutter does bor leave us hanging!!!!

    • couponfreestuff

      Clay hid the birth certificates to cover the home invasions he started. Please people if you aren’t real soa watchers and fa s stop the stupid comments.

  • Tam

    Yes, the homeless woman is the ghost of Emily Putner…and yes, I am convinced that she is Jax’s biological mother. But Gemma did not steal the baby from the accident scene. The timing is off. Jax is older than that. I think Gemma got Jax when he was an infant in a situation very similar to the Jax/Wendy/Abel/Tara story. Gary Putner mentioned that his wife had mental problems…possibly substance abuse issues too. Emily would have been very young when she gave birth to Jax…probably before she was married to Gary (Brooke’s father). As I said, I think the story of how Gemma ended up with Jax closely mirrors the way Tara became Abel’s mommy. I have looked into this theory extensively…and there is nothing concrete to disprove it. Every argument that I’ve heard/read is based on something that Gemma said…duh! not credible arguments! And to the person who said the conversation about birth certificates before Jax shot Gemma proved something….what??? Yes, Jax did have a brother…Thomas. The conversation itself proves nothing…but it does hint that there are secrets in those documents that will be revealed in the finale.

    • Comrade

      Tam, I’m interested in this idea. Any other places it’s discussed, for more info

    • Cinderella10383

      A. Gemma is Jax’s biological mother, she was also Thomas’s biological mother. She, Thomas and Abel all had the same heart condition.. Tomas died from it, Gemma and Abel almost died from it.
      B. Emily is the woman who died during JT’s murder. Clay had Lowell mess with JT’s bike to get him out of the way so he could have Gemma and keep in the gun business.
      C. The woman is explained after Brooke knocks over some of SAMCRO’s bikes and throws a brick through Scoop’s ice cream shop. Jax visits Brooke’s dad Gary and sees Emily’s picture. Gary confirms he sees Emily as do other people. Brooke was angry at SAMCRO and Jax because she was told JT committed suicide. Her dad was losing the family house as Oswald cut his hours at the lumber yard.

  • darah schilly

    i believe that the homeless woman many or could be a ghost, angle or Jesus??? has anyone thought she could be the reaper they all fear “fear the reaper” who knows it is just a thought i had.

  • sam lanz

    I think you are on the money!

  • Michelle White

    Gemma is not jax mother, so it was a little easier to kill her,.i think he no this,but he has gone a little crazy ,lost it,

    • Diane

      Hold on a sec…. Am I reading this right ? Did you write Gemma is not Jax’s mother???

      If you watched even one episode, you know Gemma is Jax’s mother….. it was HARD for him to Kill her; that is why he CRIED before pulling the trigger.

    • Erisdaughter

      Gemma IS the real mother of Jackson Teller. Gemma was pregnant in her wedding photo where it shows Clay Morrow standing beside Jax’s deceased father, as the best man. I’m not sure what you have been watching but in another episode Jax tells Gemma that today is not the day to be adored, loved and worshiped by him. He says this because when his brother passed away as a young child from a bad heart, Gemma became over protective as only Gemma as a mother would, She always lived in fear that she would lose another son. She called Jax her ” Baby Boy “, just before he shoots her in the head, and tells him she loves him from that deepest, purest part of her heart. Jax is beyond doubt Gemma’s only living, and now sadly, deceased son.

    • Katie

      I believe you have gone a little crazy. Nowhere in the show did they ever even suggest that she wasn’t his mother.

      • you_will_never_get_out_alive

        Read the comments above – 2 people tried to say that Gemma was his step mom.

  • Nick

    Yes She is a Ghost of some sort.Will see if it come,s out,Will Jax ride off a cliff ? Will he make it to the Farm for the big battle with Nero ? Will see what twist and turns are this TuesDay.Great job to all that made SOA the show it was Meant to be.

  • tshane

    Who is Emma? I only started watching Sons this season so I don’t know this character. But…. I suspect, because of many other misspellings in your post, that is a misspelling of Gemma??
    Sweeter?? Sweater.
    Cementary?? Cemetery.

    • kay

      The character Gemma is Jax mother, JT & Clay’s widow, and the matriarch of the MC family.

  • lewis

    I had a feeling she was a ghost are something. And had something to do with John Teller. Because she always showed up when jax had a to make a hard decision to make

  • Chris

    A lot of people are missing one thing. Who says….who actually died? “She died” could have meant she became “dead to us” meaning her husband and her daughter. As often happens to people with mental illness’s. Whose to say she actually did die? What if she was present at JT’s accident and his final wish was “watch over my son”

    • Soafan

      That is definitely not it.

  • T Pless

    I want to know what Nero went into the garage to find. Not tools, as he told Wendy. He was being secretive. Maybe Gemma told him something about documents?

    • Jen-neh

      He was looking for Gemma. He knew Jax was going to kill her

  • Sherri

    Jessica, I can see all of that!! That sounds so good!! Last week before the ‘got it’, Jax asked where JT’s journals were and Gemma said in the storage boxes with the birth & death certificates. I believe the homeless woman is the mother of Rat’s girlfriend, the girl who busted the ice cream shop window, so she would be Jax’s half sister…

  • cherie

    I too would like to know what Nero was getting in the garage?

  • cherie

    Nero said he needed tools and there were lots of things to fix but really….what was he getting….I mean he was being pretty shady

  • Ann McDonald

    Before Jax shot Gemma she said, “Jax, my baby boy, I love you etc. I thought Jax was older than Thomas, his brother who died???

  • glenn

    You know I believe your right

  • Lil

    Kurt Sutter already answered this question…he said the homeless woman is Jesus Christ. Hence the bread and wine at the end.

  • soa lover

    I love this show…for a 7 season show..he did a good job at keeping our attention.thats a hard thing to do…bts im still clueless who the homeless women is because in the finale…they show her again at a soda machine , in the scene with gemma and milo..and milo speaks to the homeless woman so if she was a ghost..well milo was able to see her so I think that idea goes out the window

  • Jim Bertuca

    I think she was the Angel of Death, when she told Jax it’s time

  • Susie

    There are a few things that are being missed here. Remember what was sitting on the concrete where the homesless lady was sitting after she told Jax, It’s time and gave him the “robe”. She left wine and bread sitting there. These are the sacraments of Christ. At the end, as Jax sees his “out” he stretches his hands outward and and closes his eyes…then on the road, his blood runs into the bread laying beside the road. As Gemma’s father told her when she confessed to doing some really bad things, he says. God forgives everyone, and she says, I hope so. She gave her life to Jax, he did not take it, and he gave his life, it was not taken. So it looks like the theme of forgiveness ends the show. Blood willingly shed and running into the bread, which Christ said in Luke 22:

    17 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, Take this, and divide it among yourselves:

    18 For I say unto you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine, until the kingdom of God shall come.

    19 ¶And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

    20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

    21 ¶But, behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table.

    Just sayin’

  • Jim Bertuca

    She was the Angel of Death, the half eaten bread that was on the wall with the red wine vinegar was on the road in the last scene with the black birds!!

  • tina

    I think it’s the ghost of JT. The show is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, so it’s not strange to have a ghost lingering. Since at the beginning of Hamlet his fathers ghost comes to him and sets things in motion. I remember her saying something about having to take care of her boys when she spoke with Gemma outside of the store. The last episode shows her eating wine and bread (the blood and body of Christ). It’s also left behind at Jax death. I wonder if that means flesh and blood. I read somewhere that Sutter hinted that she represents Jesus but I don’t think that’s true. If anyone knows if Sutter has made that statement please let me know.

  • CCRN

    Gemma is Jax’s biological mother. Abel inherited her heart defect, the same one that killed Thomas, Jax’s brother. Jax carried the gene from Gemma and passed it on to his son.

    Emily is a metaphor for death and destruction caused by the Teller family. Yes, she has dialogue, but that doesn’t make her real. It is a Hamlet-esque tool used for artistic foreshadowing and to make other emotional points.

  • Leslie Bailey

    Kurt has repeatedly compared SOA to Hamlet. There is a ghost in Hamlet. There is a ghost in SOA. Not sure where the confusion comes in (other than the fact it is a supernatural element in a show that has nothing to do with the supernatural). In Hamlet, the ghost is his father. The episode in which the Brooke’s father reveals that his wife died in the accident that killed JR only further illustrates this. As does the fact that she appears in random spots just as a major character is offed or makes a difficult decision. Even as far away as Ireland. People are reading waaaaay too much into it. Kurt Sutter did say that he never won’t definitely answer the question: she is whoever you think she is based on her appearances in the show’s mythology.
    Whether she is the angel of death or Mercy, Jax’s dad, Jesus, etc is up to the individual viewer. The only thing that is true is that she is not “real”. Her final words to Jax, “It’s time”, let him know that it is time to finish up his vengeance and get to the business of dying/coming full circle. Her bread and bloody drink, also at the end, attest to this (“drink this in memory of me” before Jesus sacrifices himself for mankind)–Jax is sacrificing himself to save the club and his children.

    I also don’t think she was supposed to be Jax’s real mom. Nothing suggests that, not even Gemma’s comments referred to by a few commentators. She was telling Jax where to find his dad’s manifesto–in storage with birth certificates and other papers. He did burn the papers but clearly stated that they were his own journals as well as his fathers because he didn’t want his kids to find them someday and glamorize/humanize anything about him. exactly what happened to Jax when he found and read them, discovering his dad was not the bad guy his mother painted him out to be.
    Gemma was a lot of things but, as she says over and over, she loves her boys and everything she does is to protect them in the way her of her criminal world. Even developing a powerful hatred towards JT for the way he disappeared when her other son was sick. And she made sure Jax grew up thinking his dad was a bad man…until he read the journals. Ultimately, she was the strongest, most brave, scariest character on the show. And she did it all for love. A primal , consuming, crazy kind of love (as does Tara). She will love you (aka Clay) until you cross Jax. Then you are toast.

    • Angus

      Excellent analysis… thank you!

    • Molleez Momm

      Wow, very on the mark comment. I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Leigh-Ann Smith

      Mostly right on, except that Gemma is Lady Macbeth. A ruthless manipulator so she can remain the queen. She manipulates every man in her life, JT, Clay, Unser and Jax. She loved both her sons yes, but she did what she did to keep the power. Jax figured this out in the end when he was talking to JT’s spirit on the road he was hit in the accident. Jax said to JT, Gemma had plans.

    • Stu Corbett

      It’s been a year, since you posted this so I don’t know if you’ll see it but thanks for posting. Eloquent beyond belief.

    • cris espinoza

      How is it the wife of that guy that die in the accident… I thought clay morrow killed jt

      • Katie

        Technically, yes, Clay did kill JT. He sabotaged his bike so that he would wreck in the hopes that it would kill him.The sabotage to his bike is what caused the accident that killed him 2 days later.

        • Thr1ve


          No, Clay didn’t kill JT, yes he sabotaged his bike but it didn’t kill him (and it’s most likely the reason why Clay killed Lowell senior, because he told JT that Clay had him sabotage the bike), I think it was Jury who told Jax that the sabotaged bike failed to kill him and that JT knew that Clay sabotaged the bike in order to try to kill him, he also said that if anyone did anything to the bike, JT would have known as the bike was an extension of himself… JT went out the same way Jax did, by deliberately slamming into an 18 wheeler, AKA: suicide… Even Gemma says this a couple times in different episodes, that’s the whole reason why Jax decided to take his father’s bike and slam into an 18 wheeler rather than have his own club kill him, because JT committed suicide the exact same way…

  • Leslie Bailey

    Eek! Didn’t proofread my comment before hitting send. My apologies!

  • John

    Gemma is Jax mom if you pay attention to the birth certs on the finale Abel and Jax’s are pretty much identical even John and Gemmas age are the same as Jax and Wendy. Which is funny because Jax is supposed to be 43 when he had Abel and Wendy was 27. Its basically his life mirroring John’s and he hoping to break the cycle as John tried to. Thats why he burns his journal/past hoping Abel will never follow in his foot steps.

    • Kelly Newsom

      No way in hell is Jax supposed to be 43!

  • Erik Leogrande

    She was drinking wine and eating bread when she was sitting in the wall …….

    • Bill

      That would add credibility to my previous post. The Body and Blood of Christ. He gave himself up for mankind. At least his family.

  • Michael Nicholas Pasquarella

    Let’s look at all the theories. She is not a ghost, they haunt places and since there was no rattling doors that theory is out. She is not a heavenly angel because they protect and she neither helped nor protected anyone, she’s not Jesus Christ because she didn’t preform any miracles so to me that leaves two options. One she was the angel of death which is plausible OR she is Mr. Sutter himself collecting his characters as they meet a gruesome end. Think about the irony of the only words she spoke…”it’s time” on the last episode of the series meaning ” it’s time for me and everyone else to let go and move on”. It brings a knowing and peaceful smile to jax face. She gives him the blanket as a way to provide the protection his character needs in order to end the mayhem. Sutter gives us the clue when he protrays her as the young girls dead mom, a parent to the show which Sutter is. He is the father of all the characters because he created them. He gave them life and he was there in the shadows when he took them away. She was his collector of souls.

    • gina

      Michael, I think this makes the most sense of all the explanations I’ve read. The homeless woman is a symbolic, thought provoking character that represents a force greater than human nature or SOA as we’ve all come to know it. (death, or the creator of SoA & the characters).
      Very insightful interpretation & similar to mine.

      • sabretruthtiger

        or God =greater than death.

    • sabretruthtiger

      Who says she didn’t protect? We didn’t have eyes on her 24/7 and Jax never got hit by any of those bullets.
      I know it’s trendy to hate Christianity but an angel is just as plausible as anything else.
      Also Jesus wouldn’t necessarily have to perform miracles because he’s not making himself known to humanity in the same way.
      It’s all speculation and we know Sutter’s intent from interviews that it is Heaven/God related.

      • BargainBob

        Christianity is an evil thing. Trendiness aside.

        • Snarkfarkle

          There is nothing evil about Christianity. It is about love. Twist it any way your pointed little mind likes, that’s the fact, jack. Give it a rest.

          • BargainBob

            Ahahahahahahahahaha. LOVE?! Wow. You REALLY know NOTHING about your own religion. How about you go out, find some semblance of a clue, then come back and see me. I’ll be happy to accept your heartfelt apology and listen to you compose a song about how you were stupid for so many years and that nothing would make you happier than to suck beads of sweat of of BargainBob’s nut sack with a straw while he works out.

          • Snarkfarkle

            You are a bitter, angry, excrutiatingly insane piece of crap. Fuck you.

          • BargainBob

            “FUCK me?”

            That’s very christian of you. Did I hurt it’s little feelings? Funny how easy it is to strip the christianity from the christian.

            But let me correct you on a few things. I am neither angry nor bitter. I am positively jubilant and entertained. I’m probably a little insane but considering you believe the universe was created by a wizard riding a unicorn down the yellow brick road, you’ll forgive me if I don’t take your statement to heart.

            Finally, if I’M crap, you are what crap eats.

          • BargainBob

            Actually, I’m jubilant! I’ve never been so happy in my entire life! I am a little insane, yes, but considering you believe in this ignorant nonsense that is religion, you don’t really hold the high ground on “insane.”

            “Fck me?” How very christian of you. Funny how easy it is to strip the “christian” from the christian. I rest my case.

    • couponfreestuff

      That’s not the only words she spoke in te series

  • sabretruthtiger

    Jesus saying the bread is my flesh the wine is my blood sort of thing? It’s more likely related to Jesus especially given Sutter’s hints in interviews.

  • regsledge

    I suggest you re-read your Norse mythology. It was the Valkyries who took the souls of dead warriors to Valhalla. Odin had 2 pet Ravens called Huginn and Muninn who gathered information for him.

  • John Doliber

    Like she said,”it’s time.”The homeless lady is MAYHEM people. It was time for Jax to meet MAYHEM.Maybe manifesting as Brooke’s mother….

  • John Doliber

    Like she said,”it’s time.”The homeless lady is MAYHEM people. It was time for Jax to meet MAYHEM.maybe manifesting as Brooke’s mother….

  • BargainBob

    Source, please.

  • timmmax .

    I think she was the grim reaper. After she gave Jax the blanket and he sat on the courthouse steps, he certainly looked ‘reaperish’ sitting there cloaked.

  • Tom Casey

    Interesting how the last episode, the homeless women leaves bread and red wine and the camera spends a lot of time focused on that. So she is JEsus, but with a vagina.

  • Snarkfarkle

    Jax also has the heart defect, though it is not as serious. It was mentioned in Season One.

    • BargainBob

      You’ve obviously got a BRAIN defect. Seek medical attention.

  • Suyash Puranik

    I think homeless lady represents karma or universe. She can represent common people too. I think she’s just a symbol that something is gonna happen. Like how dogs howl when earthquake is gonna happen, I think she appears when something important is afoot.

  • Shebuddy

    I think she was the soul/ghost of Jaxs’ dad

  • Molleez Momm

    Well, I just finished the entire series. Both my cheeks have that tight feeling from being soaked with salty tears where they’ve begun to dry. That was intense. I sobbed like crazy.
    When I started the series, I wasn’t sure about it and if I was going to actually watch it. I never had a particular fondness for outlaw bikers so it seemed a little out of my wheelhouse.
    I turned it off after 20 minutes into the first episode. I told my husband, I didn’t know if it was “me.”
    Well, within 15 minutes, I put it back on. I wanted to give it more time.
    Well…… I never shut it off again.
    This was the most amazingly written series I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I was totally immersed in it. I had love for Jax and felt so many emotional ups and downs throughout this story. I could probably go on here and write a lengthy comment. But right now, I’m feeling a bit melancholy, drained. Watching Jax end his life……it broke my heart. His torment, his love, his soul…simply leaving, trying to live a different life, it would not have worked. He could never have changed who he was and he knew it.
    An amazingly deep, moving story.

    • Kelly Newsom

      Amen! I could of written, every word, you just said, I felt exactly the same way, at first but gave it another try, months later. So so glad I did! Amazing show and the actors are so damn believable, superb, the best! Loved the show, hated that it had to end, I’m still in mourning!!

  • you_will_never_get_out_alive

    Wrong – Gemma was his real mother. Clay was his step DAD. Neither one of you must have ever watched the show to claim that Gemma wasn’t his real mother.

    • Kelly Newsom

      Yea, Gemma IS Jax real mom! Geeze, watch the show!

      • you_will_never_get_out_alive

        Um you need to learn to read dummy. I Saud that the person claiming Gemma wasn’t the real mother hadn’t watched the show. I watched it from day one and said clearly she WAS the real mom. Idiot.

  • you_will_never_get_out_alive

    Thomas died at the age of 6. Gemma wasn’t there when JT died but did help Clay with sabotaging the bike which in turn caused him to wreck it

  • Bill

    IDK but watching the blood of Jax mixing with the roadside bread may b symbolic to the Body of Christ. The Last Supper. Making Jax Christ like by sacrificing himself to save his beloved followers. Or in other words his Sons.

  • couponfreestuff

    The homeless woman is the angel of death who merely took the form of Brookes deceased mom. She is seen just before or after deaths or life altering decisions. The entire series is full of foreshadowing and self fulfilling prophecy. Season one gemma says tellers are hard to kill and jax says they die bloody. Season one Wendy argues with tara on the street and tells tara gemma will never let you have jax to yourself so get out while you’re still alive and it IS gemma that ends up killing her. You could go on for pages with examples. Kurt is a gifted storyteller that created characters, a city, lives that people are still talking about, debating and missing 2 years later. He brought us into their world of violence, lies, secrets and yes love and got us invested in those lives so much so that we could relate to their lives and we truly miss the characters and feel like we were left unfulfilled by not knowing the fates of every last character. Does able grow up and seek out the sons? Do Wendy and Nero get together and raise the boys? Does sons of anarchy mc survive and prosper while earning straight? Etc etc and only a very talented writer gets these responses. Ty Mr Sutter