WWE Superstars to Appear in Animated Webseries

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Camp WWEYour laptop, smartphone or other internet-capable device will soon be able to smell what a young Rock is cookin. WWE Studios and Film Roman have announced a partnership on Camp WWE, a 13 episode series of three-minute webisodes. After driving their teachers insane, these little brawlers are shipped off to Camp WWE to learn from Mr. McMahon,”the most terrifying camp counselor who ever lived.”

This series is billed as a cartoon for adults. Film Roman’s release notes the colorful characters and built-in fanbases for WWE wrestlers. They are cartoon characters in so many ways already, so this seems like a natural transition. Our favorite WWE athletes are also teaming with Scooby-Doo to solve a Wrestlemania mystery.

A lot of adult wrestling fans miss the “The Attitude Era” with its lesbian angles and beer-swilling, profanity spouting heroes. The sweet spot for pro wrestling may be somewhere in between Attitude and old school, when you couldn’t make a wrestler admit anything was scripted. That way parents can take their young ones to a show and not have to explain why two women are fighting in a bowl of gravy. Yes, that match actually happened.

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