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Jeff Daniels' character on The Newsroom will never have a statue in Minneapolis

A ranking of the ten best TV shows about making TV shows (Flavorwire)

Wes Anderson explains how to make a Wes Anderson film (Grantland)

How to write an Aaron Sorkin character name (Vulture)

The best TV speeches of the century- a list with not enough Coach Taylor for my tastes (Pajiba)

Mitch Albom reads Fifty Shades of Grey; hilarity ensues (Gawker)

Louis C.K. goes on the B.S. Report with Bill Simmons (B.S. Report)

An analysis finds the various trailers of “The Amazing Spider-man” consisted of 25 minutes of the film (Ad Week)

One line from every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (The Mary Sue)

Some “sexy” fake Emmy “For your consideration” ads (Warming Glow)

One Ryan Howard leaves as another returns: B.J. Novak, who was barely on The Office last year, will no longer be a regular (Splitsider)

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