Spider-man Getting a Teenage Sidekick

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Hello, commissioner. I’m Peter Parker, and this is my teenage ward.. wait a second. Wednesday Fox Nation revealed Spider-Man will soon join forces with a teenager called Alpha. The new storyline begins in Amazing Spider-Man #692, coming to shelves in August.

It marks Spidey’s 50th anniversary with a story that pays homage to his origin. Alpha, whose civilian identity is Andy Macguire, has a lab accident involving one of Peter Parker’s inventions. Macguire gets superpowers and Spider-Man gets a serious case of deja vu.

The lesson that defines the character is that with great power comes great responsibility. This gets hammered home when his Uncle Ben gets killed by a crook Spidey could have stopped, but didn’t. Now Peter has to teach this lesson to his new protege. He also feels some guilt since it’s his invention that caused the accident. Alpha is headstrong, and his skillset may someday make him even more powerful than his mentor.

This is another Marvel move aimed at making the character more accessible to kids. The much discussed “Brand New Day” storyline erased his marriage to Mary Jane Watson. The new Spider-Man movie retells his origin for the second time in a decade. Marvel’s hoping that movie reaches a new generation of fans, and that Alpha helps make him even more appealing to young readers.

There are inevitable comparisons to another superhero with a movie on the way. Writer Dan Slott addressed the elephant, or rather The Bat, in the room.

“If you put Spider-Man and Batman in the same situation, you’re going to have way more fun with Spider-Man,” Slott told Fox. “With Batman, he never really screws up the way Spider-Man does; he always seems to make the right decision. But with Spider-Man, he always screws up. He’s us as a superhero. Batman is a paragon of what we’d like to be, but in reality, we’re more like Spider-Man. He makes all the mistakes we make.”

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