Fin: Full Movie GIFs, CBS’ Benghazi Nightmare, and Remaking Cheers

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Full movie gifs: I'd take pleasure in guttin' you, boy

Full movie gifs: I’d take pleasure in guttin’ you, boy

It’s quite possibly the best use of Reddit ever: Full movie GIFs! (Reddit)

A few days after it got out that CBS wasn’t inviting Dan Rather back to participate in the JFK anniversary coverage, the network is now in trouble over another faulty 60 Minutes report (CBS News)

File under “interesting real-life topic that couldn’t possibly lead to a good movie”: Ridley Scott wants to direct an NFL concussion movie (Deadline)

 Bill Simmons is into his third year of calling for a TV network to remake Cheers with Vince Vaughn in the Sam role, even though it’s quite possibly the worst idea in human history (BS Report)

 I had thought frivolous FCC fines were a thing of the past, but the government is finding Conan O’Brien $25,000 for a fake emergency alert (The Verge)

 Yes, that Full House reboot thing is a hoax, an April Fools joke that someone re-ran when it wasn’t April Fools Day (Buzzfeed)

I think I noticed that the new “Star Wars” movies won’t have the 20th Century Fox fanfare like the day the Disney/Lucasfilm deal was announced, but for some reason it just occurred to The Wrap’s Tim Molloy today (The Wrap)

Bryan Curtis visits The Maury Povich Show (Grantland)

 There’s a new Fox futuristic cop show called Almost Human– so naturally, Maureen Dowd has written a lazy column comparing the robot protagonist to President Obama (New York Times)

An exhaustive list of all the evil things Sons of Anarchy “good guy” Jax Teller has done over the years (Complex)

 Taking apart one of the worst TV graphics ever (Flip Flop Fly Ball)

 In the background of this televised poker tournament, there’s something wonderful happening (Warming Glow)

 A sports talk radio host takes the brave, bold position that women are ruining sports (Deadspin

Putting a stop to bad Twitter cliches (Sports on Earth)

 Remember that album Beck put out that was just sheet music? He’s going to perform it live (Rolling Stone)

 That “Texts From Bennett” Tumblr was funny for a week or two; now it’s going to be a TV series (AV Club)

 The 8 Best Albums By White Rappers. House of Pain wuz robbed (Uproxx)

Ixnay on the Army of Darkness equal-say- sounds like Bruce Campbell jumped the gun (Screen Rant)

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