Richard Gere Gets Downright Evil in Arbitrage

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Richard Gere is generating a lot of positive buzz in Sundance Film Festival favorite “Arbitrage.” He portrays Robert Miller, a hedge fund genius who has been scamming his clients. He’s also drawn his unsuspecting daughter in as a business partner. Miller’s as unfaithful in his personal relationships as his professional ones. He’s cheating on his wife, played by Susan Sarandon. Just in case you needed more reason to hate him, he accidentally kills his mistress in a car accident.

Such a scandal would ruin his big plan to sell the fund before anyone gets wise to his scheme. Nicholas Jarecki’s directorial debut speaks to the time of Bernard Madoff and big bank bailouts. Tim Roth is on hand as the detective who’s certain of Miller’s guilt, but knows he has enough money and power to get away with it.

There’s a new trailer that shows Gere’s character spinning his web of lies, alibis and general villainy.

“Abitrage” is coming September 14.

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