White supremacist discovers he’s part black on Trisha Goddard talk show

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craig cobbDave Chappelle sketches are coming true now, readers. Remember Clayton Bigsby, the black, blind white supremacist whose world was rocked when a reporter told him he was black? That was incredibly funny, but nothing like that could ever happen in real life, right?

Craig Cobb, known for his stance against cultural diversity, went on The Trisha Goddard Show as part of her Race In America discussion. He submitted DNA for a test and found the results disconcerting. The test showed his ancestry as 86 percent European, and 14 percent sub-Saharan African. Welcome to the family, my brother!

As you’d expect, Cobb was not pleased with the results. He called it “statistical noise,” and accused the host of trying to promote her own agenda.  Worst of all, he left Trisha hanging on her fist bump attempt. Not cool. He has vowed to get his own DNA test done.

Cobb refers to himself as a religious leader, not a white supremacist. Among the pilgrimages we’ve seen from his followers was a failed attempt to take over a small North Dakota town.  He invited other people who share his viewpoint to move there, but residents got word and have been vocal in their opposition:

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