Kate Upton, Or Why The Pointless ‘Entourage’ Movie May Not Be That Pointless

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kate-upton-entourage-movieWe grunted, moaned, bitched and complained, rolled our eyes and asked what the hell is wrong with Hollywood that there’s so much buzz surrounding a possible “Entourage” movie. What reason could there be for moviegoers to show interest in something like that?

Well, here’s an explanation. The The HBO show’s’s success had nothing to do with story depth, character development, witty dialogues, twists and turns or charismatic main performers (save for Jeremy Piven). It was all about the cameos. The outrageous, scandalous, hilarious, delicious, sometimes pointless but more often than not uber-entertaining celebrity cameos.

Remember James Cameron? Sasha Grey? Mandy Moore? Sasha Grey? Jessica Alba? Gary Busey? Sasha Grey? Brett Ratner? Peter Jackson? Martin Scorsese? Sasha Grey? They were all in Entourage and almost made Kevin Dillon’s cringe worthy acting chops and Turtle’s appalling lack of charm bearable.

As for the upcoming movie, you can bet your ass Marky Mark and the rest of the producing team will whip out the big guns and complete the cast with a host of celebrities. The first to be (almost) confirmed? Supermodel/goddess Kate Upton. The best thing of all? She won’t be doing a cameo if negotiations go smoothly, but instead play the female lead.

Yes, that means she’ll likely be all smoochie smooch with Adrian once-handsome-now-getting-old Grenier, but I think I speak for all… men when saying that’s a small price to pay. Besides, “Entourage” can’t possibly turn out crappier than Upton’s first two movies, “Tower Heist” and “The Three Stooges.”

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