Mobile Game Temple Run May Become Movie

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temple runRepeat after me, Hollywood execs. Every successful piece of entertainment does not need to be made into a movie. Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter says Warner Bros. wants to turn “Temple Run” into a movie. The 2011 Imangi Studios game was a hit and spawned a legion of “endless runner” imitators.

The story will focus on an explorer who steals an idol from a temple. He then finds demonic forces are in pursuit, presumably with the camera positioned behind them. Warner wants “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman to be a part of this project.

Video games already have millions of fans, and some even have stories deep enough to support feature films. But the list of profitable game-to-film transitions is a short one. Still, it really only takes one success story to get other studios to follow suit. For the game industry that’s the “Resident Evil” films, so profitable they trail only Spider-Man as Sony’s biggest movies.

Movie versions of everything from World of Warcraft to Angry Birds are in various states of production. The next one to bow will be Need for Speed in spring 2014, starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

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