No Charlie Murphy Included: Dave Chappelle Plans Minneapolis Basketball Game

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One of the most famous sketches on Chappelle’s Show was a “Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story” in which Prince (Chappelle), along with his then-band The Revolution, challenges Murphy and his friends to a basketball game at Prince’s home. The sketch is full of homages to Prince’s 1984 movie “Purple Rain,” including the famous line “Why don’t you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?”:

Chappelle is spending this week on a run of shows in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, including several sold-out performances at First Avenue, the famed downtown music venue that was the setting of many of “Purple Rain'”s musical performances. And he’s planning a late-night basketball game of his own.

Chappelle said during an interview with local TV station WCCO Friday that after Saturday night’s show, he will host a charity basketball game at Target Center, the basketball arena across the street from First Avenue. All tickets to the show will earn admittance to the game, and proceeds will benefit victims of the recent typhoon in the Phillipines.

It’s uncertain if Prince will be invited, although Murphy has implied in interviews that Prince isn’t a fan of the Chappelle’s sketch. It’s not as outlandish as you’d think, though; Prince really did play basketball for Minneapolis Central High School, although not in a blouse.

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