Film Lovers Rejoice: Wesley Morris Wins Pulitzer Prize

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The Boston Globe's Pulitzer-winning critic Wesley Morris

Lost amidst the huffs and huzzahs of yesterday’s Pulitzer Prizes – no award for fiction; a 24-year-old winning for covering the Penn State scandal – was that Boston Globe film critic Wesley Morris won for criticism.

Morris is in elite company. The legendary Roger Ebert was the first film critic to win a Pulitzer for criticism in 1975. Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post joined the club in 2003. Then the floodgates opened, relatively speaking: Joe Morganstern in 2005, Morris’s colleague Mark Feeney three years ago, and Morris yesterday.

How’s that for a trivia question?

What’s great about Morris winning is that it further legitimizes film criticism–the Internet has pushed the “everyone thinks they’re a movie critic” maxim to dizzying, obnoxious heights. Plus, the award invites film lovers to read a new take. Morris, 36, is about to get a whole new set of eyes eager for a fresh perspective.

Criticwire’s Matt Singer offers a thoughtful perspective on why Morris deserved the Pulitzer. You can read that here.

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