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All right, all right, all right...

Why straight men should go see “Magic Mike,” and not only because of topless Olivia Munn in the first five minutes (Slate)

Between CNN’s health care screwup and Ann Curry’s exit, Thursday was a bad day for the TV news (Daily Beast)

TNT’s Dallas reboot will remain booted for at least one more year (AV Club)

Lena Dunham eulogizes Nora Ephron (The New Yorker)

Why do all of this summer’s movies have such dumb villains? (Vulture)

Tweet- the singer from ten years ago, before there was such a thing as Twitter- is back (Soul Culture)

Why Pixar’s “Brave” is bad storytelling that’s offensive to both men and women (Wired)

Film critic Carrie Rickey on  Nora Ephron’s movies were “‘Star Wars’ For Girls.” Carrie Fisher was in “When Harry Met Sally…” (Press Play)

Recognize the girlfriend on Louie last night? It was Gaby Hoffmann- the little girl from “Field of Dreams” and “Sleepless in Seattle” (Vulture)

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