Latest ‘True Detective’ Trailer Makes It Clear: The World Needs Bad Men

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true-detectiveIt’s not every day two Hollywood hot shots like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson pay the TV landscape a visit, and hot on the heels of Oscar-buzzy performances no less, so you can imagine there’s quite an uncontained sense of excitement surrounding True Detective, the anthology drama series slated for a January HBO debut.

But HBO being HBO, it isn’t solely relying on word of mouth driven by the small-screen appearance of the two charismatic actors. Nuh-uh. The premium cable network has crafted an intriguing, sorta ominous, enigmatic marketing campaign focused on short but stylistically powerful trailers, the latest of which is here.

Anybody able to figure out something, anything about the storyline based on the 60-second clip? Then that makes one of us. Yet how could one look away? The atmosphere is creepier than on American Horror Story (and that’s saying something), the soundtrack hypnotic, and as for our leads, they seem to be changing hairdos, outfits and line delivery techniques more often than, well, McConaughey has done his entire pre-“Mud” career.

Besides, Matt and Woody don’t make for the conventional (read boring) hero-in-the-line-of-duty lawmen duo, as it’s abundantly clear following the dialogue at the very end of the newest trailer, so you can’t tell me you’re not curious to see exactly what McConaughey means when acknowledging he’s been bad. Ugh, January 12 can’t come soon enough.

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