Alcatraz Viewers Wait for Word on Renewal

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Alcatraz’s season finale left a main character seemingly dead, and a host of questions that may never be answered. The show’s loyal viewers are hoping for a stay of execution, so a second season could at least resolve these issues. The J.J. Abrams project really needed a strong number for the finale, and didn’t get it. Unfortunately it fell to a series low 4.7 million.

It didn’t help that it’s had to battle NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Fox has already lowered the boom on Terra Nova and Fringe is on the bubble as well.

Several shows have tried to become the spiritual successor to Lost. This one was produced by Abrams and starred Jorge Garcia as the comic book nerd who understands what’s happening better than anyone else. Even they haven’t been able to pull it off so far. That we’ve gotten here shows how hard it is to recreate TV magic.

The characters just haven’t captured America’s imagination. Without a strong emotional tie to the characters, all that’s left are questions that a lot of viewers don’t want the answers to. TV Guide talked to executive producer Daniel Pyne, hopeful that he’ll get to share more of the story behind “The ’63s.”

In the finale we learned that the time-tossed prisoners aren’t confined to San Francisco, so if Alcatraz returns we’ll see the team hunting in other locales. Pyne said letting some of the prisoners make connections and set down roots will yield story opportunities. The show will also continue combining the crazy prisoner of the week with the overall conspiracy theories and broader picture.

Here’s hoping Alcatraz gets the chance to keep chasing crooks and solving conspiracies. Even a shortened second season would give writers time to wrap some stories for the dedicated viewers.

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