Music Streaming Shakeup: Beats Music on the Way, Spotify Going Free?

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Beats MusicThe competition among streaming music services, such as Pandora, iTunes Radio, Spotify and others, is a fierce as ever. But a couple of announcements this week make it appear a shakeup is on the way in early 2014.

Beats Electronics, the company behind the Beats by Dr. Dre headphone lines, will launch its new service, Beats Music, in January, the company’s CEO, Ian Rogers, announced in a blog post Thursday. The service is currently in “internal private beta with people who know and love music,” and usernames can be reserved at

The service was supposed to launch by the end of this year. It based on MOG (Music on the Go), a service Beats acquired last year. According to Rogers:

When I joined Beats Music in January I’d expected we’d get this out the door before the end of the year. Thankfully I work with people who have patience and are more concerned about getting Beats Music right than pushing it out the door. In retrospect we’ve accomplished far more this year than I’d imagined possible.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Spotify will add a free, ad-supported mobile version of its streaming service. The service, previously free only on computers, will allow playing of a limited amount of songs on demand, the report said.



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