Paulie Walnuts, Bobby Bacala Visit ‘Sesame Street’ as Bert and Ernie

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We’ve pointed out before that Sesame Street in the last couple of years has been doing detailed, often very witty parodies of popular TV shows, whether it’s Homeland, 30 Rock, Glee, Mad Men, or Sons of Anarchy.

New Ernie and Old Ernie

New Ernie and Old Ernie

It’s a great way to entertain the adults in the audience, even if it require sanding down the subject matter. Law & Order: SVU  was parodied by the kids’ show not long ago, even though it’s almost entirely about murder and rape.

The latest Sesame bit, which began airing this week, features a pair of veterans of The Sopranos– Tony “Paulie Walnuts” Sirico and Steve “Bobby Bacala” Schirippa- sending up their personas. The conceit is that they’re playing Bert and Ernie in a Christmas Special, but that the actual Bert and Ernie are standing off to the side and keep interrupting them:

The clip isn’t a straight parody of The Sopranos, although it does, at the end, the infamous ending of the show’s series finale

Still, funny stuff. Neither of the two actor shas been particularly ubiquitous since The Sopranos went off the air, aside from the occasional cameo in a crime TV show or gangster movie, and we still haven’t seen Schirippa cast in that inevitable biopic of Gov. Chris Christie.


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