Brasky’s Back! ’90s SNL Staple Returns

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The last time Saturday Night Live had aired a “Bill Brasky” sketch was on December 12, 1998, on an evening in which other sketches tackled the then-current Clinton Impeachment. However, that changed over the weekend when SNL brought back the bit for the first time in 15 years, as Ferrell and Koechner returned to the show alongside this week’s host, their “Anchorman” co-star Paul Rudd:

Sure beats yet another Ron Burgundy stunt, huh?

“To Bill Brasky,” a recurring bit featuring drunken salesmen telling tall tales about a gargantuan former colleague of that name, was perhaps the best known of SNL’s famously surreal “12:55″ sketches. As I’m surprised to learn from the expansive Brasky Wikipedia page, the bit only ran five times, all between 1996 and 1998.

(About that December 1998 episode- hosted by Alec Baldwin, it also included the famous “Schwetty Balls” sketch, as well as a sketch set in “the future” which had then-cast member Jimmy Fallon hosting SNL in 2011. Fallon will in fact host the show later this month.)

At any rate, perhaps the Brasky sketches ran such a long time ago that no one in the studio audience recognized it, as there was no cheer or laugh of recognition.

Meanwhile, according to a post Sunday by Uproxx’s Josh Kurp, former SNLer Tim Meadows, who appeared in all but one of the previous Brasky bits, is upset that he was left out of the Brasky reunion. Meadows registered his disappointment on multiple social media platforms, vowing never to watch SNL again.

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