“Frozen” Extinguishes “Catching Fire” at Box Office

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Olaf (Josh Gad) is hilarious in "Frozen."

Olaf dreams of a sunny vacation.

Here’s your box office report, complete with snarky commentary, for this weekend, when Frozen bested The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And, hey, that Vince Vaughn movie is still around. Good for him. 

1.) Frozen, $31.6M. With this gem defining “true love” beyond the traditional male-female paradigm, does anyone want to predict when a big studio will introduce a family-friendly cartoon with gay love interests? Personally, I don’t think that happens anytime soon. As enlightened as we are, I think American parents aren’t ready–or in the mood–to explain homosexuality to young kids. They want movies to serve as a distraction more than anything else.

2.) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, $27M. This has nothing to do with anything, but if I were on the celebrity profile beat, I would absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence. Here’s proof.

3.) Out of the Furnace$5.3M. Here’s an emerging trend that I’ve noticed: Every December features a weekend with just one major release that absolutely flops. Last year it was the abysmal Gerard Butler soccer romance Playing for Keeps. This year, we get Scott Cooper’s latest.

4.) Thor: The Dark World, $4.7M. I’m still upset that Vincent D’Onofrio didn’t get the title role. 

5.) Delivery Man, $3.8M. The nice thing about putting Vince Vaughn in your movie is that you must save a fortune in wardrobe costs.

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