Showtime Bringing ‘Californication’ To An End

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CalifornicationIt sure was a wild, raucous, often hilarious, always salacious and sometimes even touching ride, but we all knew it neared an end once Madeleine Martin grew up and David Duchovny (completely) lost his looks. And now, it’s official. Showtime’s Golden Globe-winning comedy-drama TV series Californication will cease to exist after the upcoming season 7.

The last on-air stint is to run for 12 episodes and debut in April, with the final chapter described by David Nevins, president of entertainment at Showtime, as “carefully planned” and bringing “a beautiful and satisfying conclusion for new and long-time fans alike.”

Sounds like Duchovny won’t get his old wish granted, but hey, if the premium cable network didn’t have the balls to kill off Dexter a few months back, it’d have been a little extreme for rowdy but good-hearted Hank Moody to kick the bucket.

Just please, SHO, don’t weave a clichéd, all’s well when ends well, happy ever after finale. Ultimately, no one on that show really deserves it.

Californication, a critics and award darling back in the day (five Golden Globe and five Emmy noms), fizzled out from a creative standpoint of late, yet kept a solid fan base from the beginning to the end, with strong ratings for Showtime across platforms.

All things considered therefore, there may not be as much riding on the show’s end as, say, Breaking Bad’s conclusion, but still, millions of people are expecting magic from creator Tom Kapinos. Preferably, the kind of magic that put Duchovny’s career back on track in 2007.

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