Aaron Sorkin to be Allowed to Explore New Levels of Sorkinism in Season Two of the Newsroom

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The Newsroom is perhaps the most Sorkinesque of Aaron Sorkin’s projects, allowing him to express his own inimitably didactic, self-righteous style to the fullest extent possible, with both good and bad results. (But really, the results are mostly bad.) Yesterday, HBO officially announced that Sorkin will be allowed to go even further down the rabbit hole of Sorkinism in a second season of The Newsroom.

Though the show has been incredibly divisive among critics, it has actually gotten some of the best ratings for a new HBO show in awhile. It seems far more regular humans are watching this show than watched Girls, the last HBO show that the media was fascinated by to this extent.

Speaking of girls, if you are one and want to start watching this show please be advised that Sorkin thinks you’ll most likely need to watch each episode twice because you’re not smart enough to get it the first time, and also you should really learn to high five properly.

Since one assumes the second season of The Newsroom will continue the device of setting the show in the very recent past, I guess we can look forward to the team at ACN breaking stories like the “Arab Spring” by making a couple phone calls to highly placed sources they just happen to be friends with.

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