WWE’s “Groundbreaking” CES Event to Feature Stone Cold, Heartbreak Kid

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wweWorld Wrestling Entertainment has sent out its invitation for its event at International CES in Las Vegas in January, and while it’s still unclear what exactly the purpose of the event is, we do know WWE will be making a major announcement, and that several major wrestling stars of the past and present will attend. And it’s going to be groundbreaking.

The event, scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Encore Theater, will feature a “groundbreaking announcement” from WWE CEO Vince McMahon, one seen by many observers of the wrestling industry as the official launch of the WWE television network.

The network would feature content from the extensive video library of wrestling footage from all over the world controlled by WWE, as well as original programming.

One report this week indicated that the channel would be available through some nontraditional form of distribution other than cable or satellite, possibly online-only. That sort of announcement would mark a more natural fit for CES than the launch of a straight TV network.

The invitation also revealed that four of wrestling’s biggest names will appear at the event: Current star John Cena, and past superstars “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple-H and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

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