Spider-Man Villains Venom, Sinister Six to Get Sony Spinoffs

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Venom Marvel ComicsThe Spider-Man movies have been a consistent revenue stream for Sony, so they’re going with a time-honored comic tradition: spinoffs. Sony has announced the development of Venom and Sinister Six movies. Venom is an enemy of Spider-Man who shares similar powers and the knowledge of his secret ID as Peter Parker. He has been a hero of the less friendly variety in the comics.

Venom’s about to get more exposure than he ever expected. Marvel is putting him in its Guardians of the Galaxy comic, featuring heroes getting their own movie soon. The Spider-man movies aren’t Marvel projects, but there’s no reason the comic company can’t get some extra pub from them. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, writers of “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ will co-write while Kurtzman will direct.

The Sinister Sixmovie is an interesting concept. Dr. Octopus, a veteran of the supervillain team is currently masquerading as Spider-Man in the books. They switched brains, it’s a thing that happens in comics. But most of the Sinister Six, as the name implies, are bad guys through and through. How would a whole movie featuring them work? Is Sony Breaking Bad over there? Drew Goddard will write this one. The “Cabin in the Woods” writer is also bringing a Daredevil TV show to Netflix.

The webslinger’s rogues gallery is among comics’ most colorful, and it seems moviegoers will get to know them all a bit better. Electro, The Rhino and the Green Goblin are all slated to appear in “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and now we know why so many villains are entering the canvas so quickly.

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