‘House of Cards’ Season 2 Trailer: There Can Be No Mercy

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house_of_cardsNetflix’s scheduling of season 2 of House of Cards for Valentine’s Day may have suggested the show is going soft, but the first full-length trailer makes it clear: we’re in for an even bloodier, more ruthless, wilder ride come February 14, 2014.

The quadruple-Golden Globe nominated series continues to follow the charismatic South Carolina Congressman Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in his road to, well, United States Presidency, but it doesn’t look like the journey will get any less bumpy the next 13 episodes.

The skeletons in the House Majority Whip’s closet can’t stay hidden for long, new and old enemies join forces against him, causing more pain and hassle than ever. Yet he’s probably going to get away with it all. He’s Kevin Spacey, what do you expect?

Meanwhile, Kate Mara is in deeper and deeper waters and I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see her, spoiler alert, end up like Corey Stoll’s character. Robin Wright? She’s fine, as long as Francis loves her “more than sharks love blood”. Then there’s Constance Zimmer and Rachel Brosnahan, who seem to be getting freaky at one point in the clip embedded below. Or is it Kate Mara with one of them? Well, why not make it a love triangle?

Anyhoo, the butchery begins (and ends) February 14. 13 hours of coffee-ridden binge watching, here we come.

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