’22 Jump Street’ Red Band Trailer: Noisier, Rowdier, Collegier

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22 Jump StreetNot another college-set, nudity-filled, vulgar, toilet humor-ridden R-rated comedy. Well, yes, “22 Jump Street” checks all those boxes and a couple more that I’d rather not get into, yet it has two diamond aces up its sleeve compared with, say, “21 & Over”: an unexpectedly funny Channing Tatum and the always hysterical Jonah Hill right up in his comfort zone.

Maybe directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller too, that made a splendid job in balancing parody and straight-up childish scatological jokes on “21 Jump Street.” Will they pull it off again on June 13 2014? I’m afraid it doesn’t look that way.

Not based on the first red band trailer for “22 Jump Street.” Don’t get me wrong, the 140-second video clip delivers a few laughs, especially towards the end, where we’re introduced to a couple of brilliant cameos.

However, all in all, it’s… cringe worthy. And not in a good way. Tatum and Hill themselves don’t seem to be having as much fun as last time, maybe because they’ve realized in the meantime they can actually act and don’t need this crap to pay the bills.

Also, Ice Cube doesn’t a decent supporting cast make, as “21 Jump Street” didn’t only rely on the three, having Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, Ellie Kemper and Jake Johnson to fill a few voids. Bottom line, the “franchise” probably ends here.

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