Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Produce ‘Sandman’ Film

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SandmanSince”The Dark Knight Rises” teased the possibility that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might one day don the Cape and Cowl, he’s been rumored for nearly every superhero role out there. The “Inception” star has signed on to produce a film version of Neil Gaiman’s Sandmanpopular series of comics. Gordon-Levitt will work with Gaiman and “The Dark Knight” writer David Goyer on this unique offering.

Gaiman’s run told the story of the Lord of Dreams, who is imprisoned for 70 years. After gaining his freedom, he has to adapt to a changed world. He won 26 Eisner Awards (the comic industry’s Oscar) during his acclaimed stint and sparked a new wave of horror and fantasy comics.

There’s been talk of Sandman films or a TV show ever since the awards started coming in. With Gordon-Levitt attached, this version will likely have the staying power to get made. The actor has said he is only signed on to produce right now, and any other involvement remains to be seen. I can’t imagine he doesn’t appear on camera in this. Comic book fans will be sufficiently intrigued by Gaiman’s involvement, Gordon-Levitt, who directed this year’s “Don Jon,” will get the attention of other moviegoers.

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