“The Barry Gibb Talk Show” Defies Death, Returns to SNL

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When Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees passed away last year, I assumed that meant the end of “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” the recurring Saturday Night Live bit that stars Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon as short-fused and disco-attired versions of the two Bee Gees frontman. When I heard both Fallon and Timberlake were starring on Saturday’s episode- the former as host, the latter as musical guest, I figured, oh well, no more Gibb.

I was mistaken. The sketch did indeed return, with Timberlake once again playing Robin:

And it’s not like the sketch was set in the past or anything; the “guests” were current newsmakers Paul Ryan and Megyn Kelly, along with Madonna (playing herself.)

Of course, if the real Barry Gibb is upset about the inclusion of Robin, he didn’t show it. In fact, Barry himself- who now very much resembles Gallagher- showed up to sing at the end. If SNL traditions hold, this likely means we’ve seen the bit for the last time.

The episode, the last of 2013, was a winner throughout, with other highlights including a music video, about the joys of winter-vacation, parents’-house sex, called “Let’s Do It On My Twin Bed.” 

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