After Weeks of Weird Teasers, ‘Justified’ Gets a Full Trailer

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Yes, I was sick of the white bird, too. That avian guest had appeared in multiple brief teasers so far for the upcoming fifth season of the FX crime show Justified. Now, the show has at last debuted a full-length trailer ahead of its premiere in early January:

As you can see, the season involves the family of longtime series ne’er-do-well Dewey Crowe paying a visit to Kentucky, with Michael Rapaport playing one of them. Not that the Crowders (led by Walton Goggins’ Boyd) are going anywhere. Meanwhile, Jere Burns’ Wynn Duffy is not only back, but he’s now a series regular.

Also, there are car accidents. It appears Raylan shoots someone early on. And hey, there’s Amy Smart, from “Road Trip,” as Raylan (Tim Olyphant’s) latest love interest.

The song in that trailer, as well as all of the other Season 5 teasers, is “You Rascal You,” by Hanni El Khatib.

The new season, Justified‘s first since the passing earlier this year of novelist and Raylan Givens creator Elmore Leonard, debuts Jan. 7, 2014.

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