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Merry Christmas and may you find every Turboman

Merry Christmas and may you find every Turboman

Merry Christmas, to those of you celebrating, from us here at EntertainmentTell. We will not be publishing on Wednesday but will return Thursday.

Some links from around the web this week:

Matt Prigge rightly points out that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a holiday classic about “suicide and failure” (Metro)

A ranking of the year’s best Daily Show and Colbert Report segments, and for some reason the Colbert/”Get Lucky” song isn’t #1 (Salon)

Speaking of which, Jeffrey Goldberg exposes a conspiracy theory about Jon Stewart’s “Zionist takeover of Egypt” (Bloomberg)

Marc Evan Jackson is playing Andre Braugher’s husband on Brooklyn Nine Nine; I was hoping they’d get his old Homicide partner Kyle Secor (TV Line)

The headline of this piece claims that over 50 percent of porn is now viewed on smartphones, but the piece itself refers only to one site, and applies to all mobile devices, not just phones. (ReadWriteWeb)

Why conservatives can do better than Duck Dynasty (Acculturated)

A theater marquee in Minnesota is the most Minnesota thing ever (Aly Fluckey Twitter)

Pointing out the most popular TV shows set in each state (Business Insider)

In Soviet Russia, WTF podcast listens to you: Yakov Smirnoff visits Marc Maron’s podcast (WTF)

Jody Rosen, on Twitter, asks who is the world’s most self-righteous pop singer. The replies are hilarious (Jody Rosen Twitter)

Most Parenthood fans agree: Kristina totally deserved to lose the election (Acculturated)

Veteran news anchor Don Shelby reviews “Anchorman 2″ (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

On the 20th anniversary of the movie “Philadelphia” (WHYY Newsworks)

Marv Albert and Greg Anthony were caught watching Oz during an NBA broadcast (Reddit)

The very worst thing on the Internet (Deadspin)

“Baby Got Back”: The oral history (Vulture)

The man behind that campaign to bring GWAR to the Super Bowl has died (SB Nation)

An expansive Metafilter post about the original, Japanese Iron Chef (Metafilter)

In case you didn’t pick it up it from the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie, Jordan Belfort- kind of a jerk (The Daily Beast)

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