‘The Time of The Doctor’ Gives Us Peter Capaldi for Christmas

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New Doctor WhoWill Peter Capaldi be able to keep Matt Smith’s legion of young female fans, who are relatively new to all this Doctor Who stuff? I seriously doubt we’ll see the Comic-Con panel swell to the heights it did under Smith. But perhaps some of the people who started watching because of the youngest looking Time Lord will hang around.

We saw his piercing stare at the end of the 50th Anniversary special, inspiring Whovians to start printing their own set of Capaldeyes. They’re making mild cosplay stuff before the character appears fully on screen, so that’s a good thing. You’ve got to give Doctor Whoprops for being able to build suspense with just a few words from the character, or a powerful stare.

The decision to go with the 55-year-old Capaldi sends a clear message. They’re going with what they believe is best for the series overall, and not just its new US fanbase. 2014 will bring a lot of questions for the show to answer. Will there be chemistry between Clara and this new Doctor? Can he bring back his homeworld? What exactly has happened to the regeneration cycle? Something tells me we’re not getting a definite answer on that last one.

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