Your Christmas Gift From Patton Oswalt: Hilarious Fake Movies at #BestChristmasMovies

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Patton Oswalt has big plans for the Saarlac Pit

Patton Oswalt has big plans for the Saarlac Pit

Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt has long been one of the best follows on Twitter, and I’m sure all of his 1.5 million followers agree. He regularly spouts off about politics, comedy, pop culture and other topics nerds (and even non-nerds) love, and it’s as dependably hilarious as anything on Twitter.

Throughout Christmas Day, Oswalt tweeted fake quotes from fake 1970s Christmas movies, under the hashtag #BestChristmasMovies– all of which were hilarious and quite plausible-sounding:

Some highlights:

Of course, Patton switched to real movies for the top two- and it’s hard to disagree with his choices:

Others were inspired to create their own:

It’s Oswalt’s greatest performance on Twitter since this, and also the funniest Christmas-associated thing the comedian has done since his “The Christmas Shoes” bit:

Oswalt also appears as an eHarmony customer service rep- yes, that’s right- in the new movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

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