Sunday Night Football “Flexes” Into Possibly Romo-Less Eagles-Cowboys Matchup

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nfl logoThe NFL has used flex scheduling to change out of TV matchups that nobody wants to see since 2006. It has done that a lot more in recent years. The Philadelphia Eagles are getting flexed into NBC’s Sunday Night Football spotlight for the second straight week. For the second straight week, there’s risk that it won’t be as exciting as promised.

There are a million what if scenarios that can happen in the final weeks of the NFL season. Last week, the NFL opted to go to the Philadelphia Eagles matchup against the Chicago Bears. Depending on what happened earlier in the day, both of these teams could have been eliminated from the postseason. The league and NBC got kind of lucky, as both teams were still alive when the game started. Of course, Chicago’s defense was no match for Philly’s video game-like offense so the game itself was pretty horrible. Philadelphia won 54-11. If you watched not as a competitive game, but more as “this offense could revolutionize football” type game, it was still entertaining.

This sets up a showdown for the NFC East division title between the Eagle and perennial TV favorite, the Dallas Cowboys. The league figured that would be more entertaining than the New Orleans Saints playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, eliminated from the 2013 postseason a long time ago.

The soap opera constantly surrounding the Cowboys rivals anything either version of TV’s Dallas could come up with. In addition to that, the team plays up or down to its level of opposition. How else can you explain them almost beating the Denver Broncos yet almost losing to the 3-12 Washington Redskins?

At center stage of the Cowboy soap is Tony Romo, the quarterback who alternates between game-saving brilliance and mind-numbing fourth quarter ineptitude. He suffered a serious back injury against the Redskins and ESPN’s Adam Schefter says he is out for the season. Dallas’ coaching staff isn’t confirming that, and from a strategic standpoint there’s no reason for them to. But it seems likely that the Cowboys will go into this game with Kyle Orton as their starting QB. He is not exactly a ratings grabber.

Although if Dallas’ TV history is any indication, whatever happens on NBC will be interesting to watch.

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