“Sell Me This Pen…and a Reality Show”: ‘Wolf’ Jordan Belfort Eyes TV Show

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With all the controversy swirling around Martin Scorsese’s big screen version of his scandalous story still fresh in the minds of some angry audience members (and a few “victims”), ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ subject – disgraced stockbroker Jordan Belfort – is now shopping a reality show. Yep – he wants to be the next Honey Boo-Boo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the real life inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is being positioned for a series which would focus on helping those who are down and out and have hit rock bottom rebuild their lives and their self esteem.

According to the report, Electus CEO Chris Grant was hopelessly smitten with its larger-than-life narrator from the moment he read Belfort’s sex-and-drug-fueled memoirs. “I knew without even seeing a picture of him that he could be a talent both behind and in front of the camera,” says the executive who runs the Ben Silverman founded studio behind such series as ‘Fashion Star‘ and ‘Mob Wives‘ (maybe they could work in a Belfort/Big Ang crossover???). He tracked down the former inmate-turned-motivational speaker and the two have been working together to find the appropriate pitch for the infamous figure’s “unique set of business skills.”

Of course, the current uproar surrounding the treatment of Belfort’s time in the Quaalude and cocaine trenches will be viewed as potential PR, since in most marketing circles, any pub is good pub and the man’s personality is so enigmatic that many studio execs are ready to dive in, open letters and complaints be damned. For me, this is a stupid move on everyone’s part. If Belfort and ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ end up on the wrong side of the social media melee, any show featuring him will be met with a kind of backlash that could doom its chances of success.

Anyone who saw the film will recall the closing moments, when Belfort’s attempts at redemption seemed specious at best. Still, if the TV landscape can support bigoted pseudo-rednecks, mentally challenged small town security guards, and deadeyed teen moms, one imagines there’s room for a former con man turned poster boy for our present economic downturn. He’s got to be easier to stomach than Mama June and the gang.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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