Box Office Report: “Spider-Man” Reboot Kicks Competition to Curb

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The Amazing Spider-man

Here’s your box office report for this past weekend (complete with snarky commentary):

1.) “The Amazing Spider-Man,” $65M. Not much of a surprise. In six days, the Marc Webb-directed reboot made $140 million.

2.) “Ted,” $32.6M.  How much funnier would the movie have been if Mila Kunis had actually been given something to do besides looking annoyed? Already over the $100 million mark.

3.) “Brave,” $20.2M. Don’t expect this to be in the top 5 for much longer. “Ice Age: Continental Drift” opens this Friday.

4.) “Savages,” $16.2M. Finally, Taylor Kitsch has a movie he can be proud of.

5.) “Magic Mike,” $15.6M. Lost in the movie’s bethonged controversy is that you can actually call Channing Tatum charismatic and not be viewed as a lunatic.

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