Fin: Upworthy Simpsons, Clay Aiken For Congress and F’n Wolf of Wall Street

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The best thing on the Internet in the new year so far: If Upworthy were set in the Simpsons universe (Upworthy Springfield)

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is now the all-time champion for f-bombs in a movie (Variety)

The culture is at last going Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel's way

The culture is at last going Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel’s way

 A hilarious, in-depth break-down of one of the weirdest songs of the ’80s, Heart’s “All I Want to Do is Make Love to You” (Salon)

Clay Aiken- yes, Clay Aiken- may be running for Congress (Washington Blade)

What Phish and the NFL’s Russell Wilson have in common (NFL Network)

 The entire script of “Reservoir Dogs,” in tweets (The Verge)

 Kevin Smith has put off his latest retirement in order to make yet another religious comedy, this time called “Helena Handbag (Film Buff Online)

 In news bound to upset certain devotees, Bruce Springsteen will debut new music during an upcoming episode of The Good Wife (Rolling Stone)

Considering I’ve had a crush on Alyssa Milano for going on 25 years, I think you know which side I’m on of her “fat-shaming” battle with Jay Mohr (Los Angeles Times)

Explaining that Conan O’Brien bit in which he catches numerous newscasts saying the same phrases- they all subscribe to the same service from CNN that writes news scripts (Matthew Keys)

In the least surprising endorsement deal ever, Duck Dynasty has a line of guns (CNN)

David Simon clarifies that Pogues project- it’s real, but not imminent (

Ranking the year’s highest-grossing movies by the Bechdel Test (Vocativ)

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