Gibson Going Back to the Future at CES, DeLorean and Doc Included

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Marty McFly plays a Gibson guitar

Marty McFly plays a Gibson guitar

The Gibson tent outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, featuring dozens of classic and contemporary guitars, was one of the more popular attractions at last year’s International CES. At the upcoming 2014 CES, the tent is back- along with the guitars, as well as cinema’s most famous time-traveling car.

In the first “Back to the Future” movie, Marty McFly plays a Gibson ES-345 electric guitar at the school dance in 1955. Therefore, Gibson will be paying tribute to that moment and the movie in its CES tent, in conjunction with Gibson Guitars’ 120th anniversary.

Gibson told us Friday that the CES tent will feature the DeLorean from the movie- and Doctor Emmett Brown himself (Christopher Lloyd) will appear along with it. Doc will travel back in time 1894 to visit founder Orville Gibson’s workshop, complete with a series of original guitars from the 19th century, antique guitars that are now worth millions.

Lloyd will appear at a special event between 4 and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 7, although the DeLorean itself will remain at the tent throughout CES.

Gibson has been in the guitar business going back to 1890s, but has expanded into electronics in recent years, forming a pro audio division and later purchasing a controlling interest in home theater brand Onkyo. The company officially changed its name from Gibson Guitar to Gibson Brands earlier this year.

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