Great Scott! Gibson Brings Doc Brown and the DeLorean to CES

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We reported exclusively last week that Gibson Brands, maker of Gibson Guitars, was going for a “Back to the Future” theme at International CES, complete with the DeLorean from that movie and a guest appearance by Doc Brown himself, actor Christopher Lloyd.

The event took place Tuesday at Gibson’s tent outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. We caught the moment when “Doc” pulled up in the famous time-traveling car:

The 75-year-old Lloyd even grabbed a guitar- the same one Marty McFly played at the school dance in 1955, back in the first movie- and the crowd enjoyed it, even as one onlooker tried to ruin the moment by making Lloyd try on Google Glass.

The conceit of the event was that Doc was driving the DeLorean back to 1894, when Orville Gibson built the first Gibson guitar. The event mostly consisted of a Gibson executive reciting facts and Lloyd reacting with “Great Scott!,” but Lloyd also answered a few questions from the audience, at one point revealing that he will soon make a guest appearance on the NBC sitcom of his “Back to the Future” co-star, Michael J. Fox.

Lloyd also dismissed talk of any kind of reunion of his old sitcom, Taxi, even though he noted that he and his fellow cast members “seem to run into each other” a lot.

The DeLorean will remain outside the Gibson tent for the remainder of CES.

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