Disney and Lucasfilm “May” Include The Expanded Universe in the Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Films

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So, you’re a ‘Star Wars’ fan. Who isn’t? You love everything that George Lucas and his limited directing/screenwriting skills have done with the sometimes polarizing pop culture phenomenon, including the god-awful prequels, the CG cartoon ‘Clone Wars,’ and all the comics, novelizations, research sources, and websites centered on the famed franchise. So naturally you were concerned with the recent announcements regarding Disney’s purchase of the property, their plans for making MANY more ‘Wars’ films, as well as the possible decision to remove “the Expanded Universe” from canon and completely ignore the decades of detail and depth this extensive material once provided.


This all began when reports from the preproduction on ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ insinuated that NOTHING from the EU was on the table. That information sparked speculation from ‘Wars’ faithful that canon was being redirected by the House of Mouse in order to fit its own moviemaking and marketing schemes. As reported by Film Buff Online, a pair of fans, bemoaning the fact that their favorite novel, 1991’s ‘Heir to the Empire,’ were having a Twitter conversation about this prospect when they decided to include Leland Chee, curator of Lucasfilm’s continuity preserving database, The Holocron, into the conversation. He, in turn, stated that Disney had made an arrangement with his company to create the Lucasfilm Story Group, “charged with doing away with the previous hierarchical way of determining what was canon and what wasn’t and making a one new, cohesive canon themselves.”

Yea, or nay?

What this means to the storied franchise is all a bit complicated. The devoted have taken it to suggest that everything is either on the table (good) or completely off (bad). Put another way, there are “levels” to the ‘Star Wars’ Canon, ones spelled out in excellent detail by FBO and Chee appears to be confirming that almost everything will at the very least be looked at and filtered through this new Group. Of course, that could just be wishful thinking from an audience wondering why they wasted so much time on narrative and characters that have no chance of making it into an official ‘Star Wars’ movie, but as one web writer pointed out, you don’t need an assigned permanent film faction to simply scrap everything that came before and draft a new direction.

If all of this seems like arguing over minutia, you might be right. Few outside the truly faithful understand the whole concept involved here. As FBO describes it, this new set-up will have to deal with what they call G-Canon (the George Lucas created stuff), T-Canon (‘Clone Wars‘ and the proposed live action TV series), C-Canon (where The Expanded Universe, lies, though most of this was wiped out by the Prequels), S-Canon (Marvel‘s comics from the ’70s, as well as other ancillary Wars-based remnants), and N-Canon (anything else). Considering how complicated rebooting the entirety of ‘Star Wars’ seems to be, especially through Disney’s ambitious schedule, one imagines the Extended Universe getting more than a mere dismissive look. Still, as anyone whose followed these films since the concept first bowed in 1977 knows, nothing in Star Wars is really sacred. Right Jar-Jar and Zero the Hutt?

Source: Film Buff Online

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