Louis C.K. to Release His Long Shelved First Film on His Website

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Louis C.K. gets metaAfter sitting on the shelf for nearly twenty years (even though it premiered at the Sundance film festival), Collider is reporting that Louis C.K. will finally make his  first film, “Tomorrow Night”, available on his website for $5.

“Tomorrow Night”, which C.K. helmed when he was still writing for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, was partially funded by his life savings which ran out halfway through the filming. C.K. then appeared on Late Night, played a clip of the then unfinished film and jokingly begged for money. Soon after more investors came on board (reportedly Chris Rock, John Stewart and Denis Leary) and C.K. managed to finish the film.

It should be noted that “Tomorrow Night” was made during a different time when C.K.’s comedic voice was far more absurdist and abstract (but no less dark). So be aware that the gags you see in “Tomorrow Night” aren’t quite the same gags you would see in Louie. Nonetheless, the film features a murderer’s row of comedic talent like Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes, JB Smoove and the great Robert Smigel. The only way this news could be any more exciting is if C.K. finally announced he was going to release a director’s cut of “Pootie Tang”.

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