Why Has There Never Been a “Rumours” Movie?

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Stevie Nicks at CES this week (Jeff O'heir, Dealerscope)

Stevie Nicks at CES this week (Jeff O’heir, Dealerscope)

With Fleetwood Mac reuniting once again earlier this week for a performance at CES in Las Vegas, I got to thinking- why has there never been a feature film/biopic about the making of “Rumours“?

We all know the story: As the band members were all breaking up with each other in the mid-’70s, they came together and produced one of the greatest albums of all time, consisting of such classic songs as “Secondhand News,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Dreams,” “Never Going Back Again,” and “Go Your Own Way.” One song on the record, “Don’t Stop,” even helped Bill Clinton get elected in 1992:

Yet for all of the music biopics that have been made in the ensuing four decades, for some reason there’s never been a feature film about this story, one of the most iconic in music history and one full of good stories and great, great music.As Chuck Klosterman once quoted a friend of his as saying of Lindsey Buckingham, “what kind of asshole forces his ex-girlfriend to sing background vocals on a song that accuses her of being a slut?”

The closest we’ve come is a 1977 concert documentary called “The Rosebud Film.” That, and there was a “Rumours”-themed episode of Glee in 2011. Lindsay Lohan a few years ago expressed interest in playing Stevie Nicks in a biopic; Nicks replied with “over my dead body. She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip.” Earlier this year, Reese Witherspoon was mentioned as possibly playing Stevie, but the singer dismissed the 37-year-old Reese as “over the hill.” 

I think it’s time. For one thing, Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely born to play Stevie Nicks. There’s enough of a physical resemblance, she’s the right age, and as we learned in “American Hustle,” J. Law is quite believable at playing a crazy person in the ’70s. Not sure if she can sing, but she can certainly learn.

Lindsay Buckingham? I suppose Bill Hader continuing his silent impression is out of the question; when I brought this up on Facebook, my colleague Pete Croatto suggested Bradley Cooper. That could work, but Lawrence and Cooper would probably also mean David O. Russell directing, and there’s no way that’s a good idea. Justin Timberlake is a possibility for Buckingham as well, although I wouldn’t be able to stop picturing him as Robin Gibb. 

I agree with Pete’s pick of Adam Driver- who we know can sing and play guitar- as John McVie. Christine McVie? I was going to suggest Carrie Underwood, but we all saw “Sound of Music…” Vera Fermiga was cast as McVie in a since-abandoned biopic of Dennis Wilson called “The Drummer,” so let’s give her another chance.

For Mick Fleetwood I’m seeing someone quirky. Maybe Paul Dano, or Ben Foster, or maybe even Jason Schwartzman, who really is a drummer.

Of course, there might be a good reason for no “Rumours” movie- perhaps none of these people, the ones who wrote and control the music rights, are especially eager to revisit an unhappy and traumatic chapter in their lives. Then again, four of them (everyone but Christine McVie) still agree to perform together, with their exes from four decades ago, so what’s one movie?

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