The Mandarin Returns on ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Video Release

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the mandarinSpoiler Alert: This article will discuss the big twist from “Iron Man 3.”

In last summer’s “Iron Man 3,” Marvel Comics swerved us revealing that Ben Kingsley’s character wasn’t The Mandarin, but a hammy actor named Trevor Slattery, who acts as a front for other bad guys. Kingsley returns to the Marvel Universe in “All Hail The King,” a one-shot on the home video release of “Thor: The Dark World.”

Though he got sent to Seagate Prison, Slattery is now the celebrity he has always wanted to be. “Iron Man 3″ writer Drew Pearce wrote and directed this short, and hasn’t forgotten the teasers made in the first movie. He promises we will learn more about the terrorist cell called The Ten Rings, and their history.

The director told Entertainment Weekly the group is not thrilled about Slattery’s charade. They join legions of Iron Man readers who hated seeing his arch nemesis defanged for a movie twist.

This one-shot has the biggest budget so far for these Marvel movies, because it has the highest stakes. The possibility of an actual Mandarin out there somewhere makes this like an “Iron Man 4″ prologue. What’s next for Tony Stark? If Drew Pearce has his way, you’ll “never see it coming” next time.

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