“Lone Survivor” All Alone at Top of Box Office

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Lone SurvivorHere’s your box office report for this past weekend, which saw Lone Survivor (which I thoroughly enjoyed) easily take the top spot, raking in an impressive $38.5 million. And don’t let the absence of Her dissuade you from seeing it. It’s pretty great.

1.) Lone Survivor, $38.5M. I’d like to think director Peter Berg showed his movie’s stars photos of The Band from circa 1969 and said, “I want you to look like this.” (Note: Come on, The Playlist, you can come up with a better headline than this.)

2.) Frozen, $15.1M. It’s really good. You should see it–with or without kids. Crossed $300 million at the box office. Now can this movie finally leave the top 5? I’ve officially run out of things to write about it.

3.) The Wolf of Wall Street, $9M. It always warms my heart when a great director enjoys box office success.

4.) The Legend of Hercules, $8.6M. I know it’s January when movies get released that I had no idea even existed until a week or two before opening weekend. To paraphrase Jason Gay’s great line about the ESPYs: Movies in January: The month you’ll get into reading.

5.) American Hustle, $8.6M. Expect this to get a nice boost, along with The Wolf of Wall Street, when Academy Award nominations are announced Thursday morning.

Source: IMDb

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