Golden Globes Highlights: “12 Years a Slave” Wins Only Best Picture, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Rolls, Emma Thompson Drinks

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12 Years A SlaveThe Golden Globes, in some years, bring a great deal of clarity to that year’s Oscar race. This was not one of those years. “12 Years a Slave” was shut out for the entire night… until it took home the Best Picture, Drama statue. However, “American Hustle” won the award for Best Picture Comedy/Musical- beating out several movies which also were neither comedies nor musicals.

The acting awards, though, were spread all over the place. Leonardo DiCaprio (“Wolf of Wall Street”) and Matthew McConaghey (“Dallas Buyers Club”) were the winning actors, Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine”) and Amy Adams (“Hustle”) the actresses. The winner for best director was… “Gravity” (Alfonso Cuaron), and for screenplay it was… “Her” (Spike Jonze.)

On the TV side, the drama category was all about Breaking Bad: On the way out the door, it won for Best Series and Best Actor (Bryan Cranston,) while House of Cards’ Robin Wright was Best Actress. For comedy, the surprise winner was Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine which, a half-season into its run, won for both Best Series and Best Actor (Andy Samberg.) Another series from co-creator Michael Schur, Parks & Recreation, notched a Best Actress-Comedy trophy for Amy Poehler, who doubled as the evening’s co-host.

Meanwhile Behind the Candelabra won for best TV movie, and likely would have been considered on the movie side were it not for the skittishness of America’s movie distributors.

Other notes from Golden Globes night:

– Poehler and Fey were decent, although as is often the case with these things, they mostly stayed off-stage after the opening monologue.

– I speak as a 30-year fan of U2: Their song from the Mandela movie is awful, and it’s also sort of wrong not to have used South African music in the credits.

– Jon Voight’s acceptance speech was the first time in five years that I saw him speak on TV without saying something goofy about Barack Obama.

– This will always be the Year Emma Thompson Went On Stage With Her Shoes in One Hand and a Drink in the Other. Lots of drunk presenters and winners this year, even more than usual.

– Lots of glitches, both with the broadcast and the stage directions, with people shunted to the wrong place. On more than one occasion, bleeps were mistimed- I heard a “shit” from Jacqueline Bisset- and there was even a teleprompter screwup, although kudos to Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie for showing there’s a way to handle that sort of thing without scampering off like a scared little child? 

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