Tarantino’s Next Film is a Western, Likely Called ‘The Hateful Eight’

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Tarantino WaltzAs Quentin Tarantino’s once hectic filmmaking pace has greatly settled down, it should come as no surprise the recipient of two Oscars is pushing for a 2015 release of his second ever western, confirmed for the first time back in November 2013.

The “Django Unchained” follow-up (not sequel) is apparently provisionally titled “The Hateful Eight” (sounds catchy enough to me) and may star director protégé and two-time Academy Award champ Christoph Waltz. Again, nothing brow-raising, as the Austrian thesp and Tennessee-born auteur are a match made in heaven.

In addition to Waltz, Tarantino is reported to have reached out to Bruce Dern as well, which is a little more unexpected, but in the end makes complete sense. A veteran of the western genre (“All the Pretty Horses”, “Hang’Em High”, “Hard Ground”, “Last Man Standing”, etc.), Dern is riding an enthusiastic wave of positive “Nebraska” reviews, being definitely in the cards for a second Oscar nom despite losing out in the Golden Globe comedy category to Leonardo DiCaprio.

He also made a cameo in “Django Unchained”, meaning his name was on Tarantino’s radar way before “Nebraska” put him back on the Hollywood map. Of course, very little is known about the “Hateful Eight” storyline, while the script is said to still be in a draft phase.

To all you film buffs unfamiliar with Tarantino’s work, it might sound like a 2015 ETA is excessively optimistic. However, the director/writer/producer/actor (more or less on that last part) is used to tight schedules and often completes his movies in record time. Remember “Django”? Shooting only took 130 days and post-production roughly four months.

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