‘The Face of Love’ Trailer: Annette Bening Loses Ed Harris, Finds Ed Harris

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the-face-of-loveRemember the forced happy ending of “Oblivion,” where Olga Kurylenko’s character finds a clone of her deceased lover (Tom Cruise) deep in the woods of the future and just decides to go with it, basically thinking to herself if you replicate someone’s looks, you also copy their personality and character? Not that the movie as a whole was any good, but that was by far the worst part. Rushed and giving birth to about a hundred different moral dilemmas and questions, it greatly cheapened the storyline. Luckily, we have “The Face of Love” to better explore the theme, and the first trailer very neatly asks exactly the right questions while not delivering any easy answers.

No, the indie drama is not about cloning (as far as we know), but instead a middle-aged widow (Annette Bening), who just happens to meet a doppelganger of her departed one and only true love (or so it seemed). Before realizing, she falls head over heels for the man that not only looks like her husband, but is equally as charming, kind and funny.

The only problem: she neglects to tell the new guy (Ed Harris) about the old guy (also Ed Harris). Of course, sooner or later, he’s bound to unearth her secret, at which point hopefully, those moral predicaments will be adequately addressed.

Directed by quasi-newcomer Arie Posin, “The Face of Love” was a big hit among TIFF and Vancouver Fest audiences, nabbing distribution from IFC Films (“Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” “Frances Ha”), and being slated for a limited theater rollout on March 7. Can hardly wait.

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