The Original Batman series is finally arriving on DVD

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Home Media Magazine is reporting that the much-beloved 1960s Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward will finally be coming to DVD sometime in 2014. Yes, after years of innumerable legal obstacles the cult-favorite is finally coming home to a format that is going through its final death throes.conan_batmobile_cob_prepped-52d6f8d689029

It’s bittersweet news.

Nonetheless, longtime fan of the series, Conan O’Brien was the first to break the news when he tweeted, “Very excited @WBHomeEnt is releasing the Batman ‘66 Complete TV Series in 2014”. He then posted a picture of himself posing next to the original Batmobile. A Warner Home Video representative confirmed the tweet but didn’t specify when set would be coming out or if it would be available on DVD and Blu-Ray (chances are it’s probably going to be Blu-Ray only).

Although the arrival of Batman on DVD is a bit late, it’s not exactly unexpected. During the San Diego Comic-Con last year Warner Bros. provided registration bags “adorned with images” from the 1966 series while DC began publishing a comic book based on the show last July.

Batman fans, our time is now. Manimal, Automan and Captain Nice fans, don’t worry, your day will come. But not really.

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