Elizabeth Banks Is a bumbling blonde in ‘Walk of Shame’ trailer

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If there’s a struggling actress who should be part of the amiable A-list of solid superstars, it’s Elizabeth Banks. It says a lot about this funny, friendly onscreen presence that her most noted work comes as the fashion disaster Effie Trinket in ‘The Hunger Games‘ franchise, but her turns in such winning roles as Miri in Kevin Smith’s ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ and as Emily Jones in ‘Definitely, Maybe’ prove she has the chops to displace several lesser lasses who have since stormed the industry scene and stolen her status. The trailer for her latest film, ‘Walk of Shame,’ may not be the career breakthrough she demands, but from the looks of his preview, we’re all in for some prime Banks shenanigans.

Granted, seeing the name Steven Brill in both the writer’s and director’s credit doesn’t inspire all that much confidence. After all, one look at his output – ‘Little Nicky,’ ‘Drillbit Taylor,’ ‘Without a Paddle,’ among others – suggests he will have little to offer except silly, superficial humor (his connection to ‘Movie 43‘ also argues strongly against his ability to pull this off). Still, we love Elizabeth and hope that this ‘After Hours’ like effort finds favor with audiences: Here’s the marketing department’s cinematic come-on:

Okay, there are some elements that trouble us right off the bat. We get that this ambitious TV reporter with a shot at network success has only eight hours, no car, and no money to get to “the most important interview of her life.” She would definitely be a major fish out of water in the more urban areas of Los Angeles, but does she really have to come across as “gang” of African American “thugs.” Also, little seems made of the fact that our lead goes from depressed homebody to club whore in the span of a couple of shots. Of course, this is just the trailer. We will have to wait until March 14th to find out if this latest outing elevates Ms. Banks to a place among her more popular peers, or keeps her locked in wannabe territory.


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